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Yorkshire Museum Gardens

York Museums Trust

The Museum Gardens were designed for the Yorkshire Philosophical Society by Sir John Murray Naesmyth in the 1840. They are laid out in the gardenesque style, made popular by J.C. Loudon to display plants of botanic interest, and as a setting for the Yorkshire Museum. The gardens lie within the St Mary’s Abbey Precinct (a Scheduled Monument) and contain a number of features of archaeological interest, including the ruins of the abbey church, extensive remains of the precinct walls and the Multangular Tower.

Erika is leading the design of new gardens associated with the Yorkshire Museum and York Art Gallery (currently undergoing major redevelopment, reopening in Spring 2015), working with the York Museums Trust and Jonathan Cook (JCLA). The extended gardens will offer new areas to explore, help to reunify the Abbey Precinct and increase access.

The Museum Gardens are a botanic garden and Grade II on the English Heritage Register of historic parks and gardens of special interest.

For more information on the Yorkshire Museum, the Museum Gardens and the York Art Gallery, please visit the York Museums Trust.